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Stand behind auto scrubbers are a quick way to get your surfaces clean with minimal effort involved, which can make it a fantastic machine to have for warehouse cleaning. Not only do auto scrubbers get your surfaces clean but they are also equipped with a auto scrubber drier function to dry surfaces. Auto floor scrubbers, along with other floor cleaning machines and commercial floor cleaning equipment, is a combination of modern, innovative technology which is designed to meet the needs of every customer regardless of the industry in which they operate.

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Auto scrubbers come equipped with batteries and are easy for the operator to handle even if they have no experience.

What are automatic floor scrubbers? They are one of the many floor scrubbing machines that are designed to scrub away oil, grease, dust and all kinds of dirty marks from floors. These machines usually have a circular or cylinder style scrubbing head. The machine is fit with an automated dispensing system which supplies the cleaning solution as well as the water. Once the surface is cleaned, the auto scrubber wipes the surface dry again.

These machines are fitted with two tanks; one for the auto scrubber cleaning solution and water while the other is for the dirty water which is sucked back up as the machine cleans and passes over an area. In one session, the machine will clean and dry the floors, and your input is going to be minimal.

Auto Scrubbers are the more hygienic cleaning option

Of all of the commercial floor cleaning methods available, auto scrubbers are certainly the more hygienic option. When buying or hiring such a machine you need to know that the shape of certain auto scrubbers doesn’t allow them to reach the corners. Carefully select the correct auto scrubber machine for your cleaning purposes before you make your final decision.

Our floor scrubbing cleaning machines come fitted with an integrated charging system which can be plugged into any outlet. They are easy to move around and require very little input from an operator.

Safer cleaning products topped with an efficient cleaning machine also means that the cleaning process is environmentally friendly and it conserves water. The water which is used to clean the floors can be reused as grey water, which is possible as only environmentally friendly chemicals are used to clean the surfaces. Depending on the type of auto scrubber purchase or auto scrubber hire, there are those machines which are equipped with a floor sweeper as a part of the system. These floor sweepers remove grit before the cleaning begins, giving your surfaces a better clean.

To sum it up, auto scrubbers are the ideal floor cleaning machines. They require minimal effort to get them cleaning and they are suited to all kinds of industries.

ICE4SA supplies a range of exceptional floor scrubbers and also provides auto scrubber maintenance. Some of these floor scrubbers are designed specifically for the professional cleaning contractor while others can be used by the in-house cleaning team within commercial businesses. Each system will provide your surfaces with a deep clean.

Have a look at our floor cleaning machines and then talk to us about your choice of the auto scrubber.

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