Carpet Vacuum Extractors – The ultimate deep carpet vacuum extractor cleaning machinery

When you are looking to give your carpet an extra clean, a clean even more efficient than a wet/dry vacuum cleaner can provide, then what you need is a carpet vacuum extractor. These machines inject a water and chemical solution into the carpet and then with incredible sucking action, extract the solution along with any stubborn dirt and grime that couldn’t be removed by the conventional vacuum cleaner.

The Carpet Vacuum Extractor is a must should you be a commercial cleaning company. Being able to provide your clients with this deep clean service will enable you to give your clients more value for their money. Every carpet should be given this treatment at least once a year, and as a cleaning company, providing this service is an absolute must.

Carpet vacuum extractors have many names and are also known as steam cleaners. These carpet cleaning machines are also portable. Whether you are a business owner looking to have this machine in your own company or if you are a cleaning contractor, having a portable cleaning machine will allow you to reach every carpet in the area you are cleaning. Its portable quality makes it great for warehouse cleaning.

Because carpet vacuum extractors are designed to provide the deepest possible clean for a carpet, they are made to be durable. You can use this system time and again, and it will provide the same quality results. This is certainly a factor that makes this carpet cleaning machine a worthwhile investment.

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Choosing the right carpet extractors from a range of carpet cleaning machines

Having a vacuum cleaner, a walk behind scrubber and a carpet extractor ensures that no surface is left dirty. But as with all floor cleaning machines, you need to pay careful attention to the features of the machine before you purchase it.

The power of the vacuum, the pressure provided by the pump, the tanks in which the water is stored and whether or not you are given the option to heat the water are all features that you need to pay attention to. Some systems provide a steam clean, which while it is not a hugely important feature, it is something that can improve the overall effect of a deep clean.

All carpet vacuum extractors are designed with two tanks; one for the clean water and cleaning solution and one for the dirty water once it has been extracted. Depending on the size of these tanks, you can clean more areas for a longer period of time or you have to stop occasionally to empty or refill the system. This is something to keep in mind before you buy your carpet vacuum extractor.

At ICE4SA our carpet vacuum extractors are a reflection of knowledge and our experience. This machine is designed to give you the very best deep clean as every feature is designed to work simultaneously. We also offer additional tools such as a hose and hose bag, and a wand and upholstery tool. The wand and upholstery tool allow you to clean material furniture.

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