Floor Burnishers ‚Äď Restore your floors to their original shine with a floor burnisher

Once your floors have been vacuumed, swept and cleaned, you are going to want to give your surfaces the final treatment to make them shine. The floor burnisher is the floor cleaning machine to do just that. When it comes to commercial floor cleaning, you want your floors to sparkle. Regardless of the industry in which you are working, having shining floors is a great way to make an impressive first impression. With shining floors, you will be telling your customers that you are serious about the work that you do.

Floor burnishers are able to brighten even the dullest looking floors and they can be used on wooden floors, tiles, marble or linoleum. These floor cleaning machines are fit with a buffer that rotates exceptionally fast, to buffer the floors to an eye-catching shine. Like all of our other commercial floor cleaning machines, our burnishers are ideal for schools, hospitals, shopping malls and all kinds of office spaces. These are even great for warehouse cleaning.

  • IB1500 Floor Burnisher

    The iB1500 floor burnisher provides 1.5 hp of power and performance to restore floors to their original shine. The pad rotates at a consistent 1500 rpm to produce a beautiful high-gloss finish to create an aesthetic commercial environment. An adjustable handle and a safety lock-out switch provides comfortable and safe operation.


    • Powerful 1.5 hp DC rectified motor for effective high-gloss floor polishing and finishing
    • Adjustable pad pressure system for consistent burnishing
    • Long-life induction motor requires less maintenance
    • Fold-down handle for convenient storage and transport
    • Quiet operation at only 62 dBA
    • Handle-mounted circuit breaker and safety lock-out switch ensures safe operation
    • Easy to use fingertip controls
    • 1500 rpm pad/brush speed
    • 20″ deck size
    • 50′ safety yellow power cord
    • Non-marking wheels

    Standard Accessories:

    • 19″ Pad holder

Why should you have a floor burnisher?

What the vacuum cleaning, floor scrubbers, and sweepers miss, the floor burnisher is guaranteed to remove. This high-speed rotatory cleaning machine is fit with a buffer pad which rotates horizontally in one direction. These machines are either electrically powered or they can be powered by a rechargeable battery. The floor buffer will require an operator, but the effort needed to get a surface shining is minimal.

Floor burnishers for sale or floor burnishers for rent from ICE4SA are equipped with dust control features, and they are guaranteed to have a long lifespan.

These floor burnisher cleaning machines can be used on both even and uneven areas and they are built to be robust and durable. Unlike vacuum cleaners, which come with the option of a wet/dry system, the floor burnisher can only provide a dry buffering. The buffering machine usually offers different speed options, allowing you to select the speed at which you would like to restore your floors to their original high shine. They can even be used for warehouse cleaning.

Our floor burnishers are equipped with a specific skirting which is designed to prevent dust from spreading should the area have not been vacuumed beforehand.

Burnishing your floors is important for two reasons; firstly by doing this occasionally you will be making it easier to keep your floors clean and secondly because this method helps to remove any scratches from the surface. Removing the scratches from the floors keeps the surfaces cleaner as dirt cannot fall into the scratches and result in being difficult to remove.

Before using a floor burnisher the surfaces need to be cleaned and the best way to do that is by using vacuum cleaners, a walk behind scrubber and a sweeper before you use the floor burnisher. This will guarantee that you will get the ultimate clean for your surfaces.

Suitable for all industries, you can buy an affordable floor burnisher from ICE4SA. We supply high-quality floor cleaning machines for every surface. We also do floor burnisher repairs and floor burnisher maintenance.

Contact us today for more information or to buy your own floor burnisher.