Sweeper machines – For your day to day commercial floor cleaning

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, a sweeper is a very convenient piece of floor cleaning machinery. The sweeper can be used in all kinds of facilities and in all types of industries, being useful for all kinds of surfaces including car parks, and modern office spaces, while being equally suitable for warehouse cleaning. This floor cleaning machine is battery powered and able to reach all kinds of spaces. Whether you have a large surface to clean or a smaller space, you can benefit from having this commercial floor sweeper machine.

Sweepers are easy to use and simple to understand, being designed in such a way that they are ideal for cleaning contractors and in-house cleaning teams alike. The control panel features a user-friendly steering wheel for easy use.

Floor sweeper machines can be manually operated or they can be automatic. The floor sweeper machines available from ICE4SA are manual machines which can be driven with ease to where they are needed. This makes them the ideal floor cleaning machines for shopping centres and bigger office spaces as well as outside areas. A sweeper is economical to have and the bigger sweepers, such as the type we supply, can sweep a wider path and with its higher operational speed it is able to do the job quickly every time.

is11001 sweeper 259x300 - Sweeper Machines

Sweep away the dirt with the right floor sweeper machine

What makes the floor sweeper machine the ideal machine to have, is that it doesn’t simply move dirt from one area to the next. A sweeper is designed to lift the dirt and store it until the container is full enough to be emptied. This floor cleaning machine is also a dust controller that is able to tackle even the toughest jobs with ease. If you are looking for warehouse cleaning machinery, this is a great addition to have.

When undertaking commercial floor cleaning, and you are looking for the best way to get your surfaces scrubbed, this is to invest in a sweeper. Used alongside the other machines such as a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, a carpet extractor and an auto scrubber, your sweeper will guarantee that your floors are spotless.

Ideal for the agricultural industry, the food and beverage industry, the medical industry, the automotive industry and the hospitality industry, a floor sweeper can be effectively used on every type of surface. With a light weight, state of the art design, these sweepers will not damage your surfaces but they will be able to tackle just about any grease, oil or other dirt on your floors.

The floor sweeper for sale or floor sweeper for rent  is available from ICE4SA is a truly powerful piece of floor cleaning machinery. Floor sweeper maintenance and floor sweeper repairs as well as floor sweeper accessories are also available. The floor sweeper is designed for comfort for the operator while the machine is fit with a long lasting battery. And once the battery runs a little flat, the system can easily be recharged on any number of outlets. This is the kind of heavy duty cleaning machine that you will want to have.

Available to cleaning contractors or to those who’d rather own their own, ICE4SA can offers you affordable, durable floor sweepers. Contact us to find out more about how you can transform the way you work.

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