I32BT Auto Scrubber

Lot’s of floor? The I32BT can help. It’s a fully-automated walk-behind scrubber equipped with a dual-brush design (815mm cleaning width) and 90 Litre solution capacity designed to maximize square footage cleaned and minimize time wasted on refills.  Its electrical actuator adds variable pressure up to 55Kg, and the cast aluminum brush deck and curved squeegee give it superior durability.

raqbtn - I32BT Auto Scrubber

  • Variable speed traction control
  • Improves working efficiency due to oversized 24 gal solution tank
  • State-of-the-art, user friendly touch panel control system
  • Cast aluminium brush deck and curved squeegee
  • Delayed vacuum motor shut off
  • Emergency shutdown system
  • Working efficiency up to 11 square Meter/hour
Standard Accessories:
  • Pad Holders
  • 25A On-board charger