ICE iD10 Vacuum Cleaner

The ICE iD10 vacuum cleaner from ICE is a durable, powerful and quiet vacuum cleaner, particularly useful for cleaning companies and facility services. With a noise level of only 49 dB (A) you hardly disturb people in the environment while vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable due to the two swivel wheels at the front.

The fifteen-meter long safety cable is easy to store. If the cord needs to be replaced, it is easy to do without tools.

HEPA H13 dust filter
By default you will receive the HEPA H13 dust filter that keeps the air clean. Ideal for people with allergies or problems with the airways, because the filter stops pollen, allergens and fine dust particles. An additional advantage is that the filter also prevents dust from entering the vacuum cleaner.

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  • Affordable fleece dust bags (suitable Numatic Hepaflo NVM 1CH)
  • Stainless steel suction tubes
  • Standard parquet brush for hard floors
  • 15 m yellow safety cord
  • Space for fittings
  • Cord winder on the motor head
  • Extra long suction hose 3 mtr
Standard Accessories:
  • Suction hose
  • Stainless steel vacuum tube 3-piece
  • Parquet brush
  • 1 Dust bag