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Whether you have carpeting in your home or office space, or if you just have tiles, a vacuum cleaner is an important part of the floor cleaning machines currently available. Vacuum cleaners such as wet vacuum cleaners, dry vacuum cleaners and other carpet cleaning machines, are affordable for both contracting cleaners and those who want to own their industrial vacuum cleaners.

Commercial vacuum cleaners are designed to be used on a daily basis in a commercial environment. They are designed in a way that they are able to withstand plenty of use, over long periods of time. Their durability means that you will not have to be concerned about their efficiency being at all affected after long periods of use.

ICE4SA supplies a range of exceptional commercial vacuum cleaners, provides commercial vacuum cleaner maintenance and also supplies vacuum cleaner parts and vacuum cleaner accessories. Our wet vacuum cleaners and our dry vacuum cleaners are ideal for messy environments and easily fit into these kinds of environments. Workshops and industrial businesses, as well as anyone looking for warehouse cleaning, can really benefit from having a wet vacuum cleaner or a dry vacuum cleaner of their own.  Commercial vacuum cleaner machines are easy to use and anyone can quickly grasp the mechanisms and start cleaning. The maintenance of these systems is also minimal, we supply vacuum cleaner parts should something need to be replaced.

Commercial vacuum cleaners differ from other carpet cleaning machines in that they are larger. What does this mean for you? With a larger vacuum cleaner, dust can be carefully stored for longer periods. The bag which has collected the dust will not need to be emptied every time you use the vacuum cleaner. This is a big plus when you are looking to do a quick clean.

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An industrial and commercial vacuum cleaner for every environment

Regardless of the environment, you are working in, we have a commercial vacuum cleaner for you to use. Our systems are versatile and durable, giving you many years of great cleaning. With our range of options available, your surfaces will be spotless after the end of each day.

We provide commercial vacuum cleaners for clients who have their own cleaning companies. And because of the durability of the systems, you will not be replacing your vacuum cleaner every few years.

Our most popular vacuum cleaner is the wet/dry cleaner. Its simple design and additional handy features such as its dusting device, wet and dry pickup tools and efficient squeegee make it the ideal system for all businesses and industries. This standing vacuum cleaner will require an operator to guide the cleaning process, but still requires very little effort.

ICE4SA is part of an international company specialising in cleaning machinery, and we have the expertise to guide you when you are looking for an effective, convenient vacuum cleaner.

Contact us for more information about our wet vacuum cleaners, dry vacuum cleaners, and other carpet cleaning machines.

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